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 Want to add exchanger to the list

For your exchanger to be added to the list, fill the following form

  • Name :- Name of your exchange website
  • Logo :- Logo (preferably in 125x125 size in png, jpg, jpeg, gif format)
  • Website :- Website URL
  • Email :- Your official support address(Make sure to provide correct email address since you will be notified once a visitors ask any question or provide any review)
  • Telephone :- Contact number for support if you provide one.
  • Address :- If you company have any official working office please provide address of same.
  • XML Url - The URL of the file with exported rates (the supported format is described here).We can parse exported rates in any format, but it is preferable to use our format because you will not have to ask us to include new currencies every time you add any. Note that if your exchanger offers nonautomatic exchange directions or it charges some additional or minimum commissions besides the actual exchange rate (it does not include the commissions of payment systems), you will have to implement export according to our format anyway. Our format of exported rates takes all that into account.
  • Discussion Forum Link :- Please provide discussion thread link of our forum. If you have thread provide us with that link, If not we would request you to signup and create a new thread at forum as users can post payment proof and review of your successful exchange there.
  • Referral Link :- Provide your website link here. DMT staff will register at your website and add referral link later for tracking purposes.
  • Facebook Link :- If you have a facebook page for your exchanger, provide page link.
  • Twitter Link :- If you have a twitter page for your exchanger, provide page link.
  • Google Plus Link :- If you have a google plus page for your exchanger, provide page link.
  • Password :- Once you have added your exchanger to the list, you can edit your profile, respond to any question ask by any member, reply to review posted and can add news related to your exchanger with this password. Make sure you remember the password. NOTE:- If you have lost your password contact us at to get a new password.

If you have any question related to anything feel free to contact us at

Rights and obligations of the administration

  • An application for adding an exchanger is reviewed within 3 business days;
  • The administration reserves the right to refuse to add an exchanger to the rating at their discretion without explaining the reasons;
  • The administration reserves the right to exclude exchangers that no longer meet the requirements from the rating.

We hope for long and mutually beneficial cooperation.

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