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How to rate any exchanger?


What is the purpose of starting this blog?

The only intention to start exchange blog is to provide users platform to get best exchange rates for electronic exchange currency with reliable reviews.

Are all the exchange service mentioned at trustworthy?

Although we try to add only the services which are trustworthy, DMT administration and staff does not hold any responsibility for any fail exchange done using our services. Our primary intention is to help our users to get best exchange rate and we recommend members to please check rating page and other websites to confirm for legitamacy of any exchanger before actually carrying out exchange.

How to get the best exchange deals using our website?

To know the best exchange rate for currency you are willing to sell or buy just follow this steps

1. At home page select the currency you are willing to sell in "I Have" option. If you are willing to buy any ecurrency using cash select Cash option in that field.

2. Select the currency you seek to purchase or buy in "I Get" option.

3. Press Get exchanger button below and you will find list of exchanger providing that exchange service.

4. Follow the instruction for the exchange provided on exchange website.

5. Once you have done with exchange please visit us back to rate the exchange service you used.

What is the use of 'Notify me' form?

Once a user select to get and exchange service for any 2 ecurrency, members can find notify me form.

this tool alert users to get best exchange rate and reserve for any particular exchange and visitors can take advantage of this tool in following scenerio

  • You would like to exchange any ecurrency for best rate and you have hold your exchange for some time.
  • You have got the best satisifed rate but the exchange service offering that exchange simply dont have reserves you are expecting to exchange.
  • When none of the exchanger is offering the exchange direction you are willing to have, in such case if any exchange service offers that direction you will be notified.
  • If you are owner of exchange service and want to monitor your competitors for exchange rates.

I am the owner of an online e-currency exchanger. How can I submit my website to us?

If you wish to add your exchange website to our blog, Please submit your website details using this form.

DMT Staff will review your exchange blog thoroughly before we add your website to our database so make sure to have website in good standing.

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